Creative Service Centre

Republic Polytechnic’s Creative Services Centre (CSC) collaborates with industry experts to provide creative services in the areas of transmedia content development, experience design research and solutions, entertainment and MICE.

Creative Service Centre

Our Key Expertise

  1. Experience design

  2. Game rapid prototyping

  3. Audio and video production (Multi-Cam, Live Sound, Foley Arts)

  4. Multiplatform/Multichannel (Transmedia) content creation

  5. Technical production services for entertainment and MICE events

Resources (for industry projects)

  • Audio and video production facilities to create transmedia content

  • Eye tracker studio for User experience research

  • Rapid prototyping and modelling laboratory with tools that transform design ideas into working 3D prototypes for user experience research.

  • Foley arts studio to create realistic sound effects for media platforms

  • Theatre production facilities to create and implement production design elements

Our Industry Partners

  • Mediacorp Pte Ltd

  • Resorts World Singapore

  • POSSIBLE Worldwide

  • Singapore Media Academy Pte Ltd

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