The Crowbar Awards 2019 – Bronze

08 Nov 2019

  • 20191108_103559
    Crowbar Halo Baby

Congratulations to these Diploma in Media Production and Design students for winning Bronze in “The Crowbar Awards 2019”, an international design competition!

  • Sabrina Binte Sharifuddin Lim
  • Siti Ratna Dewi Bte Noor Azman
  • Nurul Syahirah Binte Hamen
  • Maisarah Binte Baharom
  • Nur Azura Bte Abdullah 

‘Halo Baby’ is a design competition project that aims to create an interactive experience for expectant mothers. Through the use of an interactive table and a mobile application, processes in hospital visits are streamlined and things proceed more smoothly. The overall quality of the visits is also improved. The ultimate goal of this project is to combine future technology and healthcare to produce the most efficient processes that will ultimately lead to a fulfilling journey for expecting parents.