The Crowbar Awards 2021 – BRONZE - Categories: “Design – Spatial and Experiential” and “Good – Design”

29 Nov 2021

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Congratulations to these Diploma in Design for User Experience (DDUX) students for winning Bronze in “The Crowbar Awards 2021”, in two categories: “Design – Spatial and Experiential” and “Good – Design”!

“Whampoa Dragon” Team :

  • Braxton Lew Zhi Heng
  • Muhammad Imthiyaas Maricar
  • Ooi Ming Thong
  • Dickson Teo

In association with Jalan Besar Town Council, the students were tasked with upgrading a space in Whampoa known as the ‘Whampoa Dragon Fountain’, to transform it into a vibrant social hub where all ages can come together to bond, make new memories, and live healthy lifestyles. Through participatory design and keeping the community’s best interests at the forefront, the team produced sketches, 3D models and videos to visualize and display what the future can hold for this forgotten treasure.