WINGS is a holistic development programme to help you nurture your character and leadership qualities and realise your career aspirations. You can join WINGS if you have registered with an Interest Group (IG) by the end of your first semester. Designed to help you become a Problem Solver, a Professional, and a Passionate Citizen, the programme charts your progress as you Discover, Transform, and Achieve your potential beyond the classroom.

You’ll be asked to document your progress in 4 main areas:

  • Character and Leadership Development

  • Academic Aspirations

  • Career Development

  • Personal Portfolio

Greater Opportunities Await

If you are doing well in the programme, you can stand a greater chance of securing coveted opportunities such as:

  • Leading Student Overseas Trips

  • Becoming a Student Leader

  • Securing high-value internship placements

  • Participating in both internal and external competitions and events

With You Every Step of the Way

You will be matched with a Mentor Champ, a SAS staff member who will assist in mentoring you throughout the programme and providing you with the necessary guidance to help you “get your wings”.

Get Your Wings

At the end of your course, as long as you have fulfilled the criteria, you will be awarded the Silver or Gold WINGS Award. Outstanding WINGS students would be  considered for Republic Award nomination.

Ashleigh feeding kangaroo
WINGS has given me valuable overseas experience. The independence I have had has taught me so much about myself. It enabled me to grow as a person as well as a leader, and taught me that there are different types of leadership, and it is not just about taking charge of a situation. The many activities on offer have also given me a clearer view of my career options.
Ashleigh Das
Diploma in Biomedical Science
See Lin
It is not easy to get an opportunity to see what is happening in the research field, so I think the Programme is great as we get to learn how the science industry works as well as more about the courses we can further our studies in.
Tay See Lin
Diploma in Biotechnology
I enjoyed all the activities planned for me and the other students. They were not only riveting but educational too. The university trips have opened my eyes to the opportunities I have to further my studies, and now I know the possible career options that I have.
Sofya Chusna Sianturi
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences