New Materials Technology Centre (NMTC)

Committed to developing high-quality and extensive materials research, the New Materials Technology Centre (NMTC) at Republic Polytechnic (RP) aims to innovate through use of technology to support Singapore’s manufacturing sector.

The NMTC is also dedicated and equipped to address complex problems that various industries such as agriculture, health, specialty chemicals, environment, energy, electronics, composites and chemicals, experience in Singapore.

The key benefits of discovering and developing new materials and analysis have enabled advances in emerging technologies such as energy generation and saving, sustainable materials, additive manufacturing, advanced composites and nanotechnology. Materials research can also contribute to economic growth by lowering the cost, reducing the waste and enhancing the performance of established technologies, such as consumer electronics, building materials, energy harvest materials, sustainable materials and specialty chemicals.

Over the years, the NMTC has also worked on several government-related companies/projects such as the Singapore Totalisator Board, Ministry of Education Translational & Innovation Fund, NAMIC and National Research Foundation. We have also hosted several funded programmes in collaboration with SMEs, MNCs, IHLs and Research Labs for the discovery, advancement and implementation of new technologies.


Smart materials: Thermally conductive injection moulded polymer

At RP, the NMTC administers, facilitates and/or markets materials research, science and engineering activities, and support IP creation and value generation through:

  • Funded projects
  • Joint laboratories
  • Consultancy projects
  • Student final year projects
  • Student learning, training and industry immersion
  • Staff industry associate scheme
  • Industry events and technology showcases

Strategic Goals

NMTC aims to develop core competencies in the following frontiers of advanced materials:

  • Smart Materials Development
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Specialty Chemicals and Analytical Techniques
  • Materials for Agriculture, Energy and Environment
  • Functional Polymeric Materials and Composites
  • Materials Characterisation and Failure Analysis

Capabilities for Materials Research

We have these state-of-the-art equipment within our laboratories in RP School of Applied Science:

  • Atomic force microscope

  • Composite repair hot bonders

  • Extruder

  • Field emission scanning electron microscope

  • Four-point probe resistivity

  • Hardness tester

  • High energy mechanical miller

  • High shear mixer/disperser for nano-particles

  • High temperature (1200 - 1700oc) for furnaces 

  • Hot-melt polymer mixer 

  • Hot press

  • Impedance tube some measurement system

  • Infra-red thermal analyser

  • Injection moulding equipment 

  • Lithography systems

  • Particle size analyser

  • Polarisation microscope

  • Polymer 3D printers

  • Sol-gel processing equipment and spin coater

  • Thermal diffusivity analyser

  • Thermal expansion coefficient analyser

  • Thermal analysers (TGA, DSC, DMA) 

  • Universal tensile testing machine

  • UV-visible spectrometers 

Materials Innovation Hub (Mi Hub)

The Mi Hub provides learning spaces for students to explore hands-on activities through operating equipment like the 3D printers, extruders, injection moulder, hot presses, and autonomous non-destructive testing. It also provides capabilities to support industry projects and collaborations through student final year projects, consultancy as well as funded projects.

Experience our lab in a 360° virtual tour below!

Research Areas

  • Smart materials for energy harvest towards agriculture
  • Functional materials development for self-cleaning
  • Additive manufacturing for polymers and composites
  • Sustainable composites with sound absorption properties
  • Sustainable materials for construction industry
  • Sustainable materials for personal care and home care applications

Corporate Relations

The NMTC is one of the many Conexus centres in RP poised in securing both government and industry support for research and development. Support comes in the forms of an internal research grant from RP as well as competitive research grants from various funding agencies in Singapore. Maintaining an excellent relationship with the industry, universities and research institutions has always been a primary mission for NMTC.

In meeting the objective to deliver an internationally recognised and industry-relevant curriculum, staff and students of NMTC have been participating in national and international conferences/meetings, industry fairs, and actively seeking collaboration with the materials and specialty chemicals community.

NMTC is committed to disseminating the results of our research endeavours via journals, patents, media reports, dissertations, talks and showcases at technical meetings. Discoveries and inventions with commercial potential are also protected by RP prior to public disclosure

Interested in working with us? 

If you are keen to explore opportunities in developing new materials with us, please email Mdm Dawn Ong