New Materials Technology Centre (NMTC)

At the New Materials Technology Centre (NMTC), the gateway to materials research at Republic Polytechnic, we are committed to high-quality, extensive materials research and development to bring about the latest in innovation and technology.

We stand by the importance of materials research, which represents a vital platform for building Singapore’s competitive advantage in a world class economy and aim to be a centre for the identification and development of new functionalities for advanced materials.

All projects featured under NMTC are supported by government (Totalisator Board, Ministry of Education Translational & Innovation Fund (MOE-TIF), National Research Foundation (NRF) and other funding for the discovery, advancement and implementation of new technologies.

Strategic Goals

NMTC aims to develop core competencies in the following advanced materials:

  • Electronic materials

  • Polymeric Structural Materials and Composites

  • Nanomaterials and Nano-composites

  • Micro/Nano-hybrids

  • Catalytic Materials

  • Biomaterials

  • Energy conversion and generation

  • Sustainable materials

  • Materials for Energy and Environment

  • Materials Characterization and Failure Analysis

  • Additive Manufacturing

Materials Research Facilities

Materials research is linked to virtually every field of science and engineering. NMTC is dedicated to addressing the complex problems that the manufacturing industry (health, environment, energy, and national security) faces in Singapore.

The discovery and development of new materials enables advances in emerging technologies such as energy generation and saving, sustainable materials, molecular electronics, biosensors, advanced composites and nanotechnology.

Materials research can also contribute to economic progress by lowering the cost and enhancing the performance of more established technologies, such as computer chip manufacturing, consumer electronics, building materials, and automobile manufacturing.

NMTC administers, facilitates and/or markets materials research, science and engineering activities at Republic Polytechnic via:

  • Funded projects

  • Joint laboratories

  • Establishment of fabrication and characterization facilities

  • Staff and student capabilities

  • Test and services

  • Student learning, training and placement

State-of-the-art Equipment for Materials Research

We have the following state-of-the-art equipment within our laboratories in the School of Applied Science:

  • Atomic force microscope

  • Field emission scanning electron microscope

  • UV-visible spectrometers

  • Polarisation microscope

  • Resistivity and impedance analysers

  • Current-voltage measurement equipment attached with probe system

  • DC-RF sputtering system

  • Particle size analyser

  • Sol-gel processing equipment and spin coater

  • High energy mechanical miller

  • High temperature (1200-1700oc) furnaces

  • Hardness tester

  • Extruder

  • Hot press

  • Lithography systems

  • Surface profiler

  • Etching system

  • Gas analyser

  • Thermal analysers

  • Universal tensile testing machine

  • Hot press

  • Weaving machine

  • 3D printers

Joint Laboratory

ACEL lab

Advanced Composites Engineering Laboratory (ACEL)

Jointly established by Republic Polytechnic (RP) and ST Kinetics, the Advanced Composites Engineering Laboratory (ACEL) specialises in R&D in the field of composite materials science. The lab was launched in April 2012 with $3 million funding from ST Kinetics.

Research Areas

  • Enhanced silk from silkworms

  • Advanced electro-spun nano-fibres

  • Graphene-enhanced composites

  • Advanced weaving techniques

  • High strength light-weight ceramics


ACEL houses customised equipment such as:

  • Advanced silkworm incubators

  • Reeling and re-reeling machines

  • Warping and weaving machines

  • High-tonnage hot presses

  • Heated vacuum chamber electro-spinning machines

Key Projects

Corporate Relations

Maintaining excellent relations with industry, universities and research institutions is one of the primary goals of the NMTC.

NMTC ranks as one of the top TCs in RP in securing both government and industry support for research. This support comes in the form of a research equipment grant from RP as well as sponsorship of individual research projects from various funding agencies in Singapore.

It is essential to RP's mission as an academic institution of higher learning to deliver an internationally recognised and industry- relevant curriculum. Staff and students of NMTC organise national and international conferences/meetings and share their outcomes to the materials community.

NMTC is committed to disseminating the results of our research endeavours via journals, dissertations and technical meetings. Discoveries and inventions with commercial potential are protected by the Polytechnic prior to public disclosure.