Opening of RP Agriculture Technology Laboratory

09 Jan 2019

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    The vertical plane cultivation systems use vertical farming towers with matrix media inside each tower.

Republic Polytechnic (RP) launched its Agriculture Technology Laboratory on 9 January 2019. The new facility comprising 154 square metres of learning space will support the Part-Time Diploma in Applied Science (Urban Agricultural Technology) students to deepen their skills through hands-on training. Housing technologies for high-tech farming in a controlled environment, it will allow students access to a wide range of growing systems commonly used in the industry.

In addition, the lab will provide opportunities for multidisciplinary teams from various diplomas to come together to carry out research in projects related to agriculture technology. The laboratory will also be used as a platform for workshops, industry-relevant projects and research in agriculture technology to incubate solutions for productivity enhancement in farms.

part-time diploma in urban agriculture technology

Diploma in Applied Science (Urban Agricultural Technology)

Did you know that RP is the first and only polytechnic to offer a certified and recognised diploma in Urban Agricultural Technology (UAT) in Singapore? The Diploma in UAT allows participants to develop competencies, skills and knowledge needed for a career in the high-tech and sustainable agriculture industry.

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