14th EcoFriend Awards

05 Feb 2021

  • Mr Jeremy Kong at the 14th EcoFriend Awards
    Mr Jeremy Kong at the 14th EcoFriend Awards

SAS Programme Chair (Work Learn Programmes), Mr Jeremy Kong is passionate about creating positive changes for our environment. Since 2011, he has been part of the team that has been working with Wildlife Reserves Singapore on using black soldier flies as a sustainable solution to manage over 4,000kg of daily waste produced by their animals.

Jeremy also led the polytechnic’s partnership with the Singapore Environment Council for an Eco-Ambassadors Training Programme, and helped to set up the youth chapter of the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore. On top of this, he helped to introduce many eco-friendly technologies, such as food waste digesters and smart toilets to our campus, and spearheaded other green initiatives to nurture environment-friendly behaviour, like the Bring Your Own Mug programme that encouraged students and staff to use reusable cups.

Recognising Jeremy’s efforts in promoting environmental sustainability, Jeremy achieved the EcoFriend Award, Public Sector Category presented by the National Environment Agency.