Ang Siu Poh (DBIO graduate)

13 Dec 2021

  • Ang Siu Poh (DBIO)
    Ang Siu Poh (DBIO)

"RP has given me many opportunities to hone my presentation and people skills. I have also developed my interest to further pursue my studies in food science.”

As RP’s first Singapore Food Agency Diploma Scholarship recipient, Siu Poh had to go through two rounds of interviews and six weeks of trial internship with SFA before being offered the scholarship. Her drive to excel was not limited to curricular activities as she went beyond the classroom to pursue the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA). The NYAA interest group executive committee member went on to receive the NYAA Gold Award, SAS WINGS Gold Award and Republic Award during her time in RP.

Siu Poh graduated from RP with Diploma in Biotechnology (DBIO) in 2021. She is currently working as an Executive at Singapore Food Agency.