Muhammad Hazim Bin Mohamed (DBMS graduate)

13 Dec 2021

  • Muhammad Hazim Bin Mohamed (DBMS)
    Muhammad Hazim Bin Mohamed (DBMS)

"RP has a team of passionate and caring lecturers leading the unique Problem-based Learning (PBL) pedagogy. Apart from the guidance given to me to achieve on the academic front, there were also plenty of opportunities for me to engage in interest groups as well as leadership and community services. RP had given me more than just a diploma, as the journey in RP allowed me to develop my character to bring out the best qualities in me.”

Hazim has always been a hardworking and inquisitive learner whose passion for Science started since he was very young. Being enrolled into the Diploma in Biomedical Science allowed him to further deepen his interest in medical research, as he was given the opportunity to undertake a research internship at A*STAR where he was accorded the A*STAR Award during his second and third year of study in RP. He thrived in his studies at RP as PBL propelled his ability to combine self-directed learning, team collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which are highly sought-after skills in the working world.

Hazim is currently working as a Research Technologist at the Department of Pharmacy, Anti-microbial Resistance Research Laboratory, Singapore General Hospital.