Ong Jia Qi (DENV graduate)

13 Dec 2021

  • Ong Jia Qi (DENV)
    Ong Jia Qi (DENV)

"Through RP's Problem-based Learning approach, I managed to build up my confidence when presenting my solutions both inside and beyond the classroom. Together with internship opportunities, I understood and learnt about the pathway I need to take to be an environmental engineer. A big thank you to all RP lecturers and course mates for the beautiful memories that I will never forget.”

Diligent and always demonstrating a positive attitude in class, Jia Qi was one of the top students in the Diploma in Environmental Science, DENV, (now known as Diploma in Environmental & Marine Science, DEMS). She never hesitated to share her knowledge and guide her peers. Jia Qi’s final year project was on waste management techniques using black soldier fly bioconversion to treat carnivore faecal waste produced in Singapore Zoo. The project was in collaboration with Mandai Wildlife Group and generated much publicity. Jia Qi did her internship at Sembcorp and also did well outside of the classroom, having participated in competitions and taking on the role of Publicity Manager in the Conservation Interest Group at RP.

Jia Qi is currently pursuing a Degree in Environmental Engineering at Nanyang Technological University.