DBIO Graduate - Chong Khe Ying

13 Dec 2021

  • [895 x 551] Chong Khe Ying (DBIO)
    Chong Khe Ying (DBIO)

Khe Ying graduated with Diploma in Biotechnology in 2016 and had recently completed her studies at National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences.

Khe Ying has excelled in both academic pursuits as well as the student life activities. An exemplary student, Khe Ying was inducted into the Director’s Roll of Honour for all semesters during her time in RP. With the leadership skills and confidence gained in RP, Khe Ying continued to serve the NUS community and organised one of the largest student life events, Student Life Fair.

During her internship programme at A*STAR, Genome Institute of Singapore, Khe Ying gained a strong interest in genetic research. She is currently pursuing her interest in Life Sciences, working as a research assistant in the biopharma industry. Khe Ying mentioned that the daily presentation and discussion skills that she had acquired during her time at Republic Polytechnic proved to be beneficial to her when it came to reporting her work progress during her biweekly team meetings. “I can confidently and effectively deliver my research ideas and data to my fellow team members, and it’s wonderful that I’d received positive feedback, so far.”