Maharah Abdul Mahid (DBMS graduate)

13 Dec 2021

Maharah graduated in 2014 with a Diploma in Biomedical Sciences (DBMS) and thereafter pursued a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). While in school, she juggled caretaking duties for her ill father and started a charity group called Mambaus Saadah (Source of Hope). The group has since conducted various charity projects such as “The Food Ration Project”, “The Iftar Project” and many others that cater to disadvantaged families with chronic illnesses. She has since graduated from NTU and is currently in the midst of pursuing further studies as well as developing more projects for Source of Hope. She is a strong believer that hard work will always pay off and that one should never give up on their dream, no matter the circumstances.