Food Biotechnology in Human Health and Nutrition

“You are what you eat”. Have you ever wondered whether the foods we eat influence our health? You will get a chance to find out in this Applied Learning Module (ApLM). You will learn how to interpret food labels so that you can make informed food choices and how to apply molecular biology to food biotechnology for the improvement of food and food products.

This Applied Learning Module (ApLM) will help provide an overview of the dynamic food sector  including in areas of research and development. Students will thus have the opportunity to engage themselves through demonstrations as well as hands-on activities like reading food labels, inoculation of yoghurt cultures, detection of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods via molecular techniques, etc. and learn to appreciate food biotechnologies.

This Applied Learning Module (ApLM) will provide aspiring food technologists, a taste of our Diploma in Biotechnology programme


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