What are Applied Learning Modules (ApLMs)?

Applied Learning Modules (ApLMs) were introduced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to enrich the secondary school curriculum with more applied learning options. Taught by polytechnic staff over a span of three days, ApLMs are modules or subjects in applied areas, such as digital media, entrepreneurship, and hospitality.

Students will be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn during the programme to practical real-life scenarios, and discover their individual strengths and interests.

Why should I sign up my students for ApLMs?

Your students will get to:

  • Experience polytechnic life in advance – our ApLMs are conducted in the same way as all our other regular diploma courses
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge not taught in secondary schools
  • Discover and explore their passions and interests beforehand, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their tertiary education and career choices after graduation
  • Enhance their Holistic Development Profile which will give them an edge over their peers when applying for diploma courses under the Polytechnic Early Admission Exercise (EAE) and Direct Admission Exercise (DAE)

What are the ApLMs offered at SOH?

Food and Beverage

Fun with F&B Entrepreneurship

This module will teach aspiring entrepreneurs and restaurateurs on how to start and manage their own food and beverage (F&B) business. Students will also get a chance to design their dream restaurant, as well as experiment and create original recipes in RP's own state-of-the-art training restaurants and barista laboratories.

LG 01

Social Etiquette and the Business of Hospitality

First impressions are important – especially when going for that all important interview. This module will introduce students to the importance of social etiquette, and how to project a positive first impression. Students will learn basic social etiquette skills, interview skills and how to behave with confidence and poise in different social settings.

TPA 01

Leisure Travel and Attractions Management

Singapore is one of Asia’s leading travel destinations, and attractions like Universal Studios Singapore and the Singapore Zoo help to enhance Singapore’s image as an exciting tourist destination. This module allows students to gain a broad understanding and appreciation of the business and operation of theme parks and attractions. Students will also get the opportunity to visit an exciting theme park and/or an attraction in Singapore. Previous ApLM field trips include visits to Universal Studios Singapore and the National Museum of Singapore

What is the cost?

Students only need to pay $50 per ApLM, which can be paid from their Edusave Accounts. MOE will subsidise the remaining course fees – up to $365 for every student per module – subject to students achieving minimum 75% attendance.

MOE also funds up to eight different ApLMs (regardless of the number of runs per ApLM) per school each year. Additional ApLMs may be funded by schools directly.

How can I register?

Visit MOE’s portal to register for any of the ApLMs offered by RP. Feel free to email us for assistance.