Diploma in Business (R60)

School of Management and Communication, Diploma in Business (R60)

What You Will Learn

Do you want to be equipped with the skills and expertise needed to take the business world by storm? With our Diploma in Business (DBIZ) (Previously known as Diploma in Business & Social Enterprise, DBSE), you will gain a strong foundation in business skills and knowledge that are highly sought-after by many organisations and industries. Through a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating innovation, technology and communication, DBIZ prepares you for the challenges of an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment.

You can also choose to specialise in one of two tracks: The Social Enterprise (SE) Track and the Sport Management (SM) Track.

The SE track equips you with social innovation skills to create sustainable businesses that positively impacts the environment, society and economy. You will gain an in-depth understanding of socially-responsible enterprises and develop a forward-looking mindset of thinking globally and acting socially.

In the SM track, you will gain extensive knowledge across diverse disciplines such as sports law, sports business and facilities management. You will be well-equipped to assume pivotal roles in sports associations, corporate businesses and the Singapore government’s ongoing quest for sporting excellence.

At DBIZ, you will enjoy activities beyond the classroom; from community services, national competitions, to overseas internships. Our strategic partnerships with the industry will give you opportunities to work on collaborative projects with our industry partners to build character and gain valuable experience.

Upon graduation, you will be well-placed to embark on an exciting business and management career across private, public and social service sectors.

The course structure consists of general, discipline, and specialisation modules. There is also an industry orientation component. 

General Modules

Discipline Modules

Specialisation Modules

Industry Orientation Programme

Social Enterprise Track

    Select one modules from the list below:

Sport Management Track

Select one modules from the list below:


Elective Module

Freely Chosen Module

Select either one of the following:



    GCE O-level

    Aggregate Type Range of Net ELR2B2 for 2020 JAE Minimum Entry Requirements/Grade
    ELR2B2-B 10 - 25


    a) English Language/1 - 6
    b) Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)/1 - 6
    c) Any three other subjects/1 - 6

    To be eligible for admission, you must also have sat for one subject listed in the 2nd group of relevant subjects for the ELR2B2-B Aggregate Type on p.27.



    Nitec/Higher Nitec

    Minimum net GPA Relevant Qualifications 
    Nitec ≥ 3.5
    • NT44 (Digital Media Design / Digital Media Design (Interactive Media))
    • NT46 (Product Design)
    • NT69 (Community Care & Social Services)
    • NT70 (Interactive Media Design)
    • NT71 (Visual Communication)
    • NT80 (Social Media & Web Development)
    • NT81 (Attraction Operations)
    • NT84 (Business Services)
    • NT85 (Finance Services)
    • NT86 (Retail Services)
    • NT87 (Travel and Tourism Services)
    • NT95 (Logistics Services)
    Higher Nitec ≥ 2.0
    • BS23 (Retail & Online Business)
    • BS24 (Financial Services)
    • BS81 (Early Childhood Education)
    • BS82 (Banking Services)
    • BS83 (Hospitality Operations)
    • BS84 (Business Studies (Event Management))
    • BS85 (Business Studies (Accounting)/Accounting)
    • BS86 (Business Studies (Administration / Secretarial))
    • BS87 (Business Studies (Logistics) / Integrated Logistics Management / Logistics for International Trade) 
    • BS88 (Business Studies (E-Commerce) / Business-Information Technology)
    • BS89 (Business Studies (Sport Management) / Sport Management)
    • BS90 (Business Studies (Service Management) / Service Management)
    • BS91 (Beauty & Spa Management)
    • BS92 (Visual Merchandising)
    • BS93 (Community Sport & Recreation Management)
    • BS94 (Retail Merchandising)
    • BS98 (Event Management)
    • BS99 (Human Resource and Administration)
    • IT64 (Business Information Systems)
    • IT65 (Leisure & Travel Operations)
    • IT76 (E-Business Programming)
    • IT77 (Facility Management)
    • IT78 (Shipping & Operations Services / Maritime Business)

    GCE A-Level

    Minimum Entry Requirements
    • Obtain an A-S grade for General Paper (English Medium),
    • Obtain an A-E grade for 2 other H2 subjects, AND
    • Must have taken GCE 'A' Level examinations whilst studying in a Junior College / Millennia Institute in Singapore
    • Please click here to view a list of module exemptions


    For more details on admission using Singapore Cambridge GCE A-levels qualifications, please refer to our webpage at www.rp.edu.sg.


    Admission to RP is based on academic merit and subjected to available vacancies of our diploma programmes. Meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee that applicants will be offered a placement in the diploma programme. These requirements are set in place to ensure fairness to all applicants.

    Career Opportunities

    As a Diploma in Business (DBIZ) graduate, you may look forward to an exciting career in roles such as:

    Commercial Sector

    • Business Development Executive
    • Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Executive
    • Finance and Administration Officer
    • Marketing Executive
    • Retail and Merchandising Executive
    • Social Entrepreneur
    • Sports and Recreation Event Organiser

    Social Service Sector

    • Community Engagement Executive
    • Programme Executive
    • Volunteer Management Executive

    Public Sector

    • Administration Executive
    • Allied Educator
    • Social Research Executive
    • Sports and Wellness Executive

    Further Studies

    RP graduates are well-placed to embark on meaningful careers immediately after graduation. You could also improve your employability by taking part-time courses or SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programmes (ELPs).

    Every RP diploma is recognised and has a pathway leading to a relevant degree with top local and overseas universities. RP graduates may complete their degrees in just over two or three years in a four-year programme.

    Skills Deepening

    Upon graduation, DBIZ students may choose to deepen their skills and knowledge in a chosen field before embarking on their career. They could either sign up for part-time courses or pursue ELPs. Please visit our lifelong learning page to find out more.

    Undergraduate Studies

    Upon completion of your DBIZ studies, you may pursue business and social sciences degree programmes at local or overseas universities.


    • Bachelor of Commerce 
    • Bachelor of Business Economics 
    • Bachelor of Business Administration 
    • Bachelor of Social Entrepreneurship
    • Bachelor of Business and Management 
    • Bachelor of Business  in Sport Management
    • Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Bachelor of Sustainable Business Management
    • Business-related degrees

    Science/Social Science

    • Bachelor of Science in Applied Sports and Exercise
    • Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work
    • Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology
    • Bachelor of Science in Sport Science
    • Bachelor of Science Sport and Exercise Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Sport Development
    • Bachelor of Science in Sustainability


    • Bachelor of Arts in Community Development 
    • Bachelor of Sports Leadership and Management
    • Bachelor of Arts in Social and Public Policy
    • Bachelor of Arts Sports Development
    • Bachelor of Arts in Sport Business Management
    • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Studies and Marketing
    • Bachelor of Arts Sports Studies
    • Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development


    • Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)

    Last updated on 17 May 2020