Diploma Plus Certificate in Mathematics (DPCIM)

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What You Will Learn

Diploma Plus Certificate in Mathematics (DPCIM) equips RP students with the mathematical skills needed to address a range of real-world science and engineering challenges as well as prepare them for further studies.

What will you be studying

The modules equip students with the mathematical skills required to solve a range of common real-world problems. Building on the skills developed in the first-year Mathematics module(s), these modules allow students to apply Mathematics to real-life situations by modelling them appropriately as mathematical problems. Analytical and problem-solving skills will be developed. Students will also be introduced to the mathematical symbols and notations that are commonly used.


  • Students are required to pay a course fee of S$149.80 (excluding GST) per module before commencement of each module.

  • Upon completion of all 3 modules, students would have paid S$449.40 (excluding GST) in total.


For further enquiries, please contact: Ms Vanessa Heng

There are a total of 3 modules in the course of DPCIM:

Advanced Mathematics

The main topics covered include functions, mathematical induction, inequalities, binomial theorem, analytic geometry, numerical methods, sequence and series, limits and continuity, complex numbers and polar co-ordinates. 

Advanced Mathematics 2

The main topics covered include the basics of differentiation, integration, differential equations, numerical methods, Laplace transform and Fourier series. 

Advanced Mathematics 3

The main topics covered include the basics of systems of linear equations, matrices, vector spaces, vectors, linear transformations.

Class Schedule

  • DPCIM classes will be scheduled on weekday evenings (5.30 - 8.30 pm) during term time and weekday mornings (9.30am to 12.30pm) during school holidays.

  • The duration of each lesson is 3 hours.

  • There will be no lessons during Mid-Semester Examination (MSA) or End-Semester Examination (ESE) period.

  • There will be no lessons on Public Holidays.

  • The completion of all 3 modules span across a period of 10 months from April 2019 to February 2020.

  • Please click here to download the latest Class Schedule


Module   Number of Hours Mid-Term Examination Final Examination  Total (%) 
Advanced Mathematics    45 40  60  100 
Advanced Mathematics 2  45 40  60  100 
Advanced Mathematics 3    45    40 60  100 


  • Students will learn through a combination of group discussions, multi-media resources, lectures, worksheets and e-learning.

  • A minimum attendance rate of 80% is required to complete the module.

  • In each of the module, besides fulfilling the required 80% attendance, students will be assessed by one individual written mid-term examination and one individual written final examination. The weighting for the mid-term and final examinations is 40% and 60% respectively.

  • Students are required to pass all the 3 modules to be awarded the diploma plus certificate.

  • Otherwise, student will only get the certificate for the completion of the module he/she has passed.

  • The grades for DPCIM are separate from students’ diploma transcripts. Their module grades from this programme will not contribute to the computation of their overall GPA.

  • The DPCIM programme is open to all RP Year 2 students in AY2019 who have scored at least Grade B in any of their first year Mathematics modules (A113 Mathematics, A114 Mathematics II or E114 Mathematics for Engineering).

  • The estimated number of students for the AY2019 intake is 80.

  • There will be a selection process in the case where the number of eligible students who register exceeds 80.

  • Selected students will be notified and commence the programme with effect from Semester 1 in AY2019.

Further Studies

In addition to preparing graduates for a range of science and engineering careers, DPCIM also helps to give our students a head start in their related university education.

With DPCIM, students will be better prepared for university-level Mathematics modules and the associated proficiency tests.

Last updated on 21 May 2019