Learning Journey

Is your student thinking about going to poly and pursuing a career in Engineering? Register them for our Learning Journey (LJ) programme to give them a taste of what it would be like to study at SEG!

Tailored specifically for upper secondary students, LJ is a curriculum drawn u to provide a holistic view of what education at an institute of higher learning would be like.

Learning Journey @ ARCH

The ARCH is the newest and first purpose-built aircraft hangar amongst the polytechnics in Singapore. The Aerodrome Simulator and the A320 Flight Simulator provide students with realistic platforms to learn airside operations in an airport, and the maintenance of avionics systems of a modern commercial airliner respectively.

Have Fun with the World of Ergonomics

Explore and learn about ergonomics through fun-filled games in our lab! Our lab is equipped with facilities to study how humans relate to the world around us, with the aim of improving performance, productivity, safety and comfort both at work and at play.

The Last-Mile Delivery

Ever wonder how the products you have purchased arrived at your doorstep on time? Learn how to plan multiple delivery locations with your friends! Execute the plan you have developed like an expert!

Fun with Project Management 123

Explore different constraints faced in managing a project using a board game in a fun and interesting way! Come and join us to challenge yourself!

Magic in the Nano World

Can’t imagine a mobile phone that can be worn on the wrist? This is possible through nanotechnology with minute structures measuring 1:100 nanometres which are invisible to the naked eye. This workshop reveals the magic in the nanoworld and brings to life one of the most fascinating technologies of our time!

Make it REAL… 3D FUN!

Draw it, print it, move it the way you want it to be in 3D! Students will be introduced to 3D CAD modelling software Solidworks and understand how 3D CAD models can be turned into real physical objects. Learn how to create simple 3D models and put them together to become a moving mechanism.

Paint Me and Discover the Birthplace of Electronic Gadgets!

Want to make money from sand? Wish that your electronic gadgets are smaller and lighter? Interested to know what makes your contact lenses colourful? This workshop answers your questions with microtechnology. Students will uncover the mysteries of electronic gadgets and wonders of “painting”!