What are Applied Learning Modules (ApLMs)?

Applied Learning Modules (ApLMs) were introduced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to enrich the secondary school curriculum with more applied learning options. Taught by polytechnic staff over a span of three days, ApLMs are modules or subjects in applied areas, such as entrepreneurship, news reporting and market research.

Students will be given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn during the programme to practical real-life scenarios, and discover their individual strengths and interests.

Why should I sign up my students for ApLMs?

Students will get to:

  • Experience polytechnic life in advance – our ApLMs are conducted in the same way as all our other regular diploma courses

  • Acquire new skills and knowledge not taught in secondary schools

  • Discover and explore their passions and interests beforehand, enabling them to make informed decisions about education and career plans after graduation

  • Enhance their Holistic Development Profile which will give them an edge over their peers when applying for diploma courses under the Polytechnic Early Admission Exercise (EAE) and Direct Admission Exercise (DAE)

What are the ApLMs offered at SEG?

Building and Controlling Flying Machines

This module equips students with the principles of aerodynamics and aircraft systems to appreciate flight and how an aeroplane manoeuvre. Students taking this course will be taught how to build their own glider and flying drone.

Creating Fun Gadgets with Electronics

This module will be offered in a series of interactive sessions where students will explore the underlying ideas in simple electronic circuits making use of switches, motors, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and IC (Integrated Circuit) Chips. This would allow them to gain greater insights into the basic building blocks of home lighting and appliances such as fans and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Future Trends in Business Operations and Supply Chain Management

Have you always wondered how your vaccines are tracked and transported? Or how businesses can leverage on digitalisation to make their operations more efficient? This module will teach aspiring entrepreneurs and technopreneurs how to manage their own business operations and supply chain.

A Day in the Life of an Air Traffic Controller 

Ever wondered what goes in an airport control tower? How aircraft take-off and land and know where to park? This module provides an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an Air Traffic Controller in a simulated Air Traffic Control Tower.

Design, Build and Control Underwater Robots

In this module, students will be taught how to design, build and control an underwater robot. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire troubleshooting skills including soldering techniques, interfacing with Electronic speed controllers (ESC) and wireless remote controllers which are commonly used in robotic application.